Sunday, May 15, 2011

As Easy as Drinking Water--Javid

As Easy as Drinking Water: A Muslim Forgiven
by: Afshin Javid
WinePress Publ., 2010, 
[Beware this publisher. More info via 'google']144pp.

WARNING: Contents no longer endorsed by ghost writer as authentic! (Feb.2012)*

“As easy as drinking water” is the Persian expression Afshin Javid uses to summarize his own story of finding forgiveness in Jesus Christ.  His riveting and inspiring testimony  commences with a brief synopsis of his childhood in Iran.  He was a zealous and committed Muslim, the pride and joy of his grandfather who commissioned him to go to the West and make converts for Islam.  His illegal immigration attempts land him in a Malaysian prison where hope of ever being freed is slim.  Here he comes face to face with the reality of Jesus Christ and his life is forever changed.  

His conversion reads like a modern-day Isaiah 6 story of God’s revelation of His holiness, Javid’s sinfulness and His offer of cleansing, followed by His commissioning of Javid to tell the Good News of salvation.  The miraculous, though not sought, is woven through his testimony much like it was in the days of the New Testament church.  God’s incredible interventions in Javid’s life and subsequent ministry are an awe-inspiring reminder that God is alive and well in our day, and is still a wonder-working God.  Javid’s own passion coupled with his candid retelling give this story a refreshing and empowering vitality.  His example of simple trust and obedience are inspiring reminders of the life of discipleship every Christian is called to.

[Unfortunately Mr. Javid has not been candid or honest in the telling of his story.  It is very impressive, very inspiring but not altogether factual.  As of February,2012, the ghost writer, Dan Holmes, has rescinded his endorsement of this story as true and lays out some of his objections at his website:
Mr. Javid has been required to step down from his pastorate following multiple allegations of immoral behavior and cult-like leadership.]

As Easy as Drinking Water  will inspire fresh faith and worship of the God who is worthy of all we are and have.  I highly recommend it!

--LS   I have retained this book review as a sobering reminder to all of us to beware of false teachers and of the 'deceitfulness of sin' in the times in which we live.  I commend to you to read instead: 2 Peter 2, I Tim 6, II Tim.3,4.  The Word of God is forever to be trusted.

P.S. I had opportunity to hear Afshin Javid tell his own story at Missions Fest, Vancouver this year.  He is a dynamic speaker with a passion for the lost, be they Muslim or any other 'stripe', and a passion for believers to live the Word they claim to believe.  He reserved the writing of his own story for twenty years--so that his life would have opportunity to prove that this was no passing 'phase' but a lasting transformation!  He is currently a pastor in the Vancouver area. This was the 'alleged' reason for waiting to tell his story.  Sadly, he was already deeply involved in scandalous behavior when the book was published.  May God's goodness lead Mr. Javid to repentance. --LS

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